Esthetic dentistry

metal-free, zirconium crowns


Orthodontics without extraction

Laser whitening

All inclusive dental treatment in Budapest

Professional dental surgery in Hungary for You

The DentiDent dentistry and implant clinic is offering full range of dental care and the most advanced implant procedures for its patiens. Cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, professional implant methods are for affordable prices – If you are looking for a reliable and high quality, but cheap dental treatment, than visit our dental clinic in Budapest, Hungary!

•    Dental implantation with modern, biomaterial-based dental implants
•    Dentures with metal-free zirconium crowns and bridges
•    Veener porcelain ceramic shell
•    Orthodontics
•    Teeth whitening, tooth jewelry
•    Smile Design

…and more dental treatments that are much cheaper than the same procedures at home. Take advantage of the Hungarian dental tourism!

Dental implants abroad?

Perfect smile with smile design

Questions and answers in dentistry about modern implant procedures. Get the perfect smile you’re always wanted with smile design in Hungary!

About Us

Dentistry, the treatment of dental patients, develops with great speed nowadays. The main role in this development is played by dental implantology. Like the mythological phoenix, it is capable of self-renewal, and thus, it is ready for the challenges of our times.



Implant clinic and dental surgery in Budapest

dental treatment abroad, in Hungary

with hungarian treatments you save about 60%?
 every 5. patient choose Hungary for dental treatment?
 our dental network is waiting for you with 50 years of dental and medical experience


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    For free consultation

    please call our NON-STOP

    phone: +36704898870