Affordable dental prices

The prices listed below are for informative purposes only. We construct a treatment plan before compiling our comprehensive offer containing specific details and exact prices. The first consultation with our professionals is free of charge. If you are looking for a cheap dental treatment in Hungary, please contact us.

Why is dental treatment cheaper in Budapest?

In Hungary, Budapest is the center for dental tourism with high quality but relatively cheap dental care. The raw materials used in dentistry at our DentiDent Implant Clinic are in full compliance with the European standards, still we can offer affordable dental implant treatments in Budapest.

Status assessment prices


Panoramic X-ray
35 EUR

Intraoral X-ray
10 EUR

Cone Beam CT scan in 3D
119 EUR

Medication pack after surgery
50 EUR

Yearly check-up (control, cleaning, xray)
70-90 EUR

Tooth preserving treatment prices

Light-curing fillings (Esthetic fillings)
60-70-80 EUR

Gradia inlay
210 EUR

Root canal treatment (price/canal)
80 EUR

Esthetic dentistry prices

Porcelain veneer
250 EUR

Tooth whitening kit for home use
200 EUR

Tooth whitening at the clinic JW - laser
340 EUR

Tooth jewelry
100 EUR

100 EUR

Dental prosthese prices

Complete denture
450 EUR

Partial denture (with metal framework)
500 EUR

Metal-ceramic crown
240 EUR

Zirconium crown
310 EUR

Temporary crown/bridge piece
45 EUR

Temporary partial denture 1-7 teeth
160 EUR

Temporary partial denture 7-14 teeth
240 EUR

80 EUR

Implantology prices

Implant Denti System (root form)
400 EUR

Zirconium implant (root form)
760 EUR

Sinus lift/side
650 EUR

Membrane Lyoplant/pcs
220 EUR

Synthetic bone Ossyresorb/gr.
160 EUR

Digital surgical planning
1500 EUR

Dental hygiene prices

Ultrasonic scaling
50 EUR

Professional oral hygienic treatment
65 EUR

Oral surgery prices

Tooth extraction
50 EUR

Surgical extraction of a tooth root
100 EUR

Surgical extraction of a third molar
150 EUR

Prostheses prices with implants

Titanium abutment piece
150 EUR

Zirconium abutment piece
220 EUR

Metal-ceramic crown (to be placed on an implant)
250 EUR

Zirconium crown (to be placed on an implant)
330 EUR

Removable prosthesis, supported by 4 implants
1500 EUR

Removable prosthesis, supported by 2 implants
990 EUR

Orthodontic treatment prices

Happy Smile Invisible Orthodontic system
1000-5000 EUR

About Us

Dentistry, the treatment of dental patients, develops with great speed nowadays. The main role in this development is played by dental implantology. Like the mythological phoenix, it is capable of self-renewal, and thus, it is ready for the challenges of our times.



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    For free consultation

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