Dental prostheses

Dental prosthetics are used to restore missing teeth or missing parts of teeth to provide reconstruction, rehabilitation, to prevent the secondary consequences of missing teeth and, naturally, to restore aesthetics and mastication that are ideal under the given circumstances.


1. Removable prostheses

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These prostheses can be removed by the patient without the help of the dentist.

Complete prosthesis, conventional complete denture is the solution when a patient is missing all of teeth so it is entirely edentulous in a single arch.

These prostheses are supported by the vacuum effect of the surrounding soft and hard tissues, and by wearing them, the patient may consider this condition to be the sign of aging. Initially, prostheses may be inconvenient to wear, but this feeling will cease. After a while removable dentures no longer fit well, so a rebasing of the complete denture is necessary once in every 1 to 2 years, and creation of new denture is required every 5 to 7 years.

A partial prosthesis (partial denture) is used if the patient has a few teeth, and desires to have replacement, but can not have or want a bridge. The partial prosthesis is created on a metal plate, covered with plastic that has the same color as the gum of the patient. The removable partial denture is attached to the remaining teeth with clasps or hidden retainers (invisible from the outside), or onto the remaining teeth with the help of telescope crowns.

Because of the widespread use of implantation techniques, partial dentures are less and less frequently applied. Please contact us, if you would like to have a fixed solution, so we can send you an offer for a treatment with dental implants in Budapest. As you know dental implants abroad are cheaper, and lots of people choose treatments with dental implants in Hungary.

2. Fixed prostheses

Fixed prostheses are fixed to the prepared teeth or to the implants with special adhesives or screws, and can and should be removed only by a dentist. There are several methods for crown fabrication, such as ceramic crowns fused to metal and metal-free zirconium crowns.

Fixed prostheses can be made of the following materials:

Ceramic crown or bridge bonded to a metal framework

cirkkorona2At our clinic in Budapest we exclusively use a nickel-free or precious metal (titanium, palladium or gold) alloy as the material of the metal framework that provides stability to the bridge or crown. (Unfortunately, many dentists in Hungary still use nickel, which has excellent mechanical properties, but causes metal allergy more and more frequently.)

Procedure: The method of crowning a tooth starts with the preparation of tooth by the dentist, then an impression of it, and then the dental technician creates the crown or the bridge. Several layers of ceramic veneer are applied to the thin metal framework (which was either cast, created with computer-aided manufacturing or formed using electrophoresis previously), and then bonded to the framework at an intense heat. Taking individual characteristics like tooth color or shape into account, a beautiful, natural aesthetic effect can be achieved, which is similar to the patient's own teeth. Additionally, the original masticatory function, the possibility of proper phonation and the harmony of the face can be restored with prostheses.


One of the best dental solutions in the area of fixed protheses:

Metal-free zirconium crowns and bridges


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