We offer a full warranty for every procedure performed at the DentiDent Implant Clinic.

Only excellent materials with quality assurance are used in the clinic.

Guarantee Period

3 years guarantee on porcelain crowns

1 year guarantee on veneers

5 years guarantee on implants

1 year guarantee on denture

6 months guarantee on fillings


Guarantee conditions:

  • regular dental visits at intervals specified by the dentist
  • proper oral hygiene


The guarantee does not cover

  • Damage to dental work caused by accidents
  • The evolution of gum disease or any other disease in teeth or gum
  • Unforeseen root canal treatment
  • Damage that is caused by weight loss or weight gain over a shorter period of time
  • Damage of temporary solutions: crowns, bridges or dentures
  • Damage caused by not following the dentists advise
  • Unforeseen sickness, treatments (ex. chemotherapy etc.. )
  • loss of Implants
  • smoking


In some cases the guarantee is not valid.

The guarantee is not valid if the patient does not present him or her to an annual checkup at DentiDent Implant Clinic. It is very important that the dental work is being followed up after you are finished. If not, you can quickly find yourself in the same position as before again.

The guarantee is not valid if the oral hygiene is neglected and this causes deterioration of the dental work. It is highly important that the dentists’ advice is followed properly.

The guarantee is not valid if the patient informs DentiDent Implant Clinic too late after corrections to dentures.

After preparing a tooth, sometimes the tooth can get a trauma. In some occasions a tooth can get an after effect with bridges and a root canal treatment is necessary afterwards. DentiDent Implant Clinic guarantee do not cover unforeseen root canal treatment after a tooth has been prepared for crown or bridge, since this cannot be foreseen by the dentist or is due to fault made by lab or dentist.

About Us

Dentistry, the treatment of dental patients, develops with great speed nowadays. The main role in this development is played by dental implantology. Like the mythological phoenix, it is capable of self-renewal, and thus, it is ready for the challenges of our times.



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    For free consultation

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