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There is only one worse thing then a missing tooth: to live without it. A missing tooth will open the door for plenty of illness, inconveniences, therefore the professionals unanimously recommends the restoration. There are several methods to choose from, but without harming the healthy teeth, as long-term solution, the implant is the one recommended. Lots of articles dealt with the procedure, prices, risks, so we just picked up those issues that arises in patients.

It is almost a cliché that the doctor says nothing is going to hurt, but the implant is yet one of the least offensive procedure. As a result of local anesthesia, all you can feel is that "someone is poking around in your mouth." The process with surgical template in many cases avoids the traditional surgery, the incision along with swelling and pain. In this way, the one-hour surgery is possible in just a few minutes without risks.

With local anesthesia is possible to insert 6-8 implants in an hour, so there is no need for general anesthesia.

Smoking, like in many other fields, may also involve risks in smile design depending on how heavy smoker we talk about. Smoking causes narrowing of the blood vessels, slowing down the metabolism of cells, making it difficult - in extreme cases prevents - the connection between the implant and the bone.

To ensure rapid and precise smile design of artificial root different templates are used by professionals. With the surgical template applied, based on X-Ray and CT scan, it is easily possible to design the size, the exact location and orientation of the implant.

In most cases, for a deep oral examination and adequate preoperative preparation a panoramic x-ray is enough. Sometimes, however, X-Rays do not have enough informations. In this case - in order to avoid risks, and unexpected risks - a CT scan is necessary, as it has much more detailed set of informations. Proper diagnosis and planning includes 3D CT-imaging of all proposed implant sites. This approach permits 3D site planning for engineering bone and gum tissues and determines all possibilities for proper implant positioning and alignment. 3D CT analysis and planning changes the surgical approach to an accurate simulation of the surgery to come.

There is no disadvantage to the patient who has fixed or removable prosthesis from earlier, they also can have a good option for implantation. There is no difference between the artificial and the real teeth, on both is possible to fix a crown or bridge in the future as well.

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